Scenario 2

Air Airlines is operating Datacenters in the San Francisco Bay Area, Seattle and Miami. Virtualization ratio is 60%. The company is looking for a solution to virtualize the backend servers hosting their check in and baggage claim applications.

Due to past experiences with mixed environments, they have requested for a 100% virtualized design. Availability is absolute top priority for Air Airlines. Downtimes must be reduced as much as possible (planned and unplanned).

Panelist only information

Potential guidelines

  • 99.9% uptime for the backend service, even in case of a disaster
  • Applications must scale easily
  • The two applications share a single web front end. Each application has its own application tier and database tier.
  • Due to air traffic security restrictions, access to the infrastructure must be very restricted and secured
  • Design needs to be server and network vendor agnostic

Source: 2018 VCDX Workshop (Online), originally uploaded to the VCDX Prep Group by Chris Porter